Pennies for Patients Wrap Up


Holy Cross Early Education Center just completed our our “Pennies for Patients” drive.  The total amount collected was $505.33.  This made an average of $5.72 per students.  The green room collected $143.68.  The orange room collected $153.70.  The blue room collected $95.44.  The purple room collected $112.51.

The photo shows the fun little “extras” that showed up in the donation boxes!  Stefanie and I get a big kick out of finding these treasures that won’t go through the Coin Star machine.

Thanks for helping our little ones help others!

Just a Few of our Little “Dears”

I’m a little late in posting these photos but they are just too “Deer” not to share!  These sweet deer were made by the friends in Ms. Debbie and Mrs. D’s  p.m. PAL’s class.


A Better Life

Mrs. Bridges went to the Purple Room to deliver some papers last week. While she was there, the children were playing a game we call “Jump the River”.  Mrs. Bridges was commenting how fun it looked and how she wished she could play with them because she had to go back to her desk to do her work.  The children were asking why she couldn’t stay and play and why she had to do work.  “R” piped up with the answer.  “R” said, “SHE HAS TO WORK SO SHE WILL HAVE A BETTER LIFE!”  There you go….wisdom from a 4 year old.

The Cauliflower

Today, the T-K class was talking about the first Thanksgiving.  Mrs. D told them about how the pilgrims were looking for a better life and sailed across the ocean in a BIG ship.  “L” raised his hand and said, “OH, YEAH! I know the name of that ship.  It was called “The Cauliflower!”

My County ‘Tis of the Thee

Ms. Debbie’s 3 year olds sing “My Country ‘Tis of thee” every morning during circle time.  One morning after the children sang, “C” asked Ms. Debbie, “Did all of your fathers die?”  (You remember the words to that song, right?)


2 boys were washing hands and were discussing their Halloween costumes.  O told J, “Wouldn’t that be cool if you came over to my house and we both wore our Halloween costumes.”  J says, “O M my goodness!”  Well, he almost had it right.  When you have big sisters, you learn the lingo!

Overheard in the Blue Room……

During afternoon PALs, some boys were building with the cardboard bricks.  There was a little discussion about what they were building. ” C ” disagreed with the other boys about what they were building today.  The teachers heard the decision from “C”:

“We are building a MAN CAVE!”

Man Cave

2015 Meet ‘N Greet

It was a beautiful evening for our annual Meet ‘N’ Greet last week!  It was fun to see all the families who came to the EEC for our event.  Thanks to everyone for the support of our Scholastic Book Fair! We were able to get some new books for our school library. Here are some photos of our beautiful children and their families. 

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Holy Cross EEC Summer Camp Fun!

We are having a blast at Holy Cross EEC Summer Camp! Here are some photos from our summer camp adventures.   Check out our fun at (password =holycrossop).

Future Architects

Two of my favorite architects show off their work in the yellow room!