Lunch Ideas, Vol. 2

Here are more ideas for lunch that we have seen:

*Cheese Quesadillas cut into triangles

*Tortilla wrap–inside you can put turkey, cheese and vegetables or try a cream cheese spread with chicken, red and yellow peppers and  little pieces of carrots

*A thermos with:  macaroni and cheese, beenie weenies, rice and chicken, pasta (note that some brands of thermos’ stay warm longer than others)

*A homemade lunchable:  crackers, cheese slices, little pieces of deli meat


One Response

  1. A plain cheese sandwich with just a little butter to hold the cheese with was a fav of mine when at the EEC. (now at the big school)
    Don’t forget to tell moms to freeze the gogurts the night before. It keeps the other stuff cool and is defrosted by lunchtime. A banana with vanilla yogurt to dip in or vanilla pudding is oh so yummy! Along with apple slices to dip in yogurt/pudding too!

    P.S. Can we come to the book fair Mrs. Miller, my guy misses all of you. I do too!

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