Little but Mighty

Don’t forget about the Gift Gathering Party at the EEC on Monday, December 6th.  This event is hosted by Holly and Ben Bailey and its purpose is to help gather gifts for the Holy Cross Celebration.  This is a silent and live auction to help Holy Cross raise money each year for extra needs they have.  It is a great benefit to the school community and has helped the school so much in the past.  Last year, we were able to have our parking lots paved with some of the proceeds.

Those of you attending will have the opportunity to meet and socialize with other EEC parents as well as to bring your gift to donate to the silent auction.  The theme for the gift is “A Beautiful Me!”  Parents are asked to bring a $25 gift.  Some ideas include gift certificates for a message or salons, bath and beauty products, jewelry, etc.  If you can’t make it for the party, donations can be dropped of at the EEC or in the carline.  Money is also an acceptable donation if you choose.

The party is for the adults and is from 6:30-8:00.  Hope to see you there! Let’s let the Holy Cross community know that even though we are little, we are mighty!  We can help provide!


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