Teachers’ gift fund

Are you having trouble trying to find the right gift for your child’s teacher?  Consider donating to the Holy Cross Teachers’ Fund.  Through this fund, families donate any amount they choose to the teachers’  fund.  The money is then divided and given to the teachers in the form of a check.  The great thing about this is that the parents can donate whatever works best for their budget and the teachers get a nice gift that they ALWAYS appreciate.   If you donate, you will get a card to give your teacher that says you donated to the fund in their honor.  This is also a nice way to remember all the teachers that work with your child throughout the day.  You don’t have to buy for each individual teacher but just donate to all.  I don’t know of a single teacher who doesn’t love the idea of the teachers’ fund.  If you want to donate, send the money to the school in an envelope that is marked “Teachers’ Fund” and has your name on it.  We will send you as many cards as you wish to give to any teachers that work with your child.  You fill out the card and give it to the teachers.  The school office staff does the rest.  If you have any questions about this, give us a call and we can help you out.


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