Upcoming Photo Days

A lot of you have been asking me about the flyer came home about picture days.  To answer your questions…..yes!  We are having pictures taken again just for fun.  The school photos we took in the fall were done by Scholastic Photography.  We have to use them in the fall since the children’s photos go in the yearbook for Holy Cross School.  Holy Cross “big school” uses Scholastic for their yearbook publisher.  A few parents were disappointed that they did not get to view the photos before purchasing them so I thought we would try out another photographer for more photos.  The photographer that is doing our spring photos is called Tommy Austin Photography.  He will take 4 different poses of your child.  You will get to view them before you decide to make a purchase.  The prices look  reasonable.  He is also willing to do siblings and siblings together.  Let me know if you are interested in getting those taken so I can schedule it.  There is no obligation to purchase the photos if you do not want them.  If you are interested, you can view the photos before ordering.  Monday, February 28 is photo day for all MWF,  MW, and M-F classes.  Thursday, March 3 is photo day for all T/TH classes.


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