A visit from a “REAL” fire fighter

The EEC received some wonderful fire safety kits to use with the children.  They were full of fun fire fighter toys, books, puzzles, dress up clothes, and lesson plans.  Each teacher used the kit in her classroom to teach fire safety.  After the lessons were finished in the classrooms, we had a visit from the fire department. In our center, we have a 4 year old girl whose dad is a fire fighter.  After learning about fire safety in the classroom, Mrs. Matt told the children that we would be having a visit from a fire fighter.  The 4 year old girl was really excited!  When she got in her Grandma’s car at pick up time, she excitedly told her grandma that a fire fighter was coming to visit our school.   She was so excited.  Her grandma told her, “Your dad IS a fire fighter”.  The little girl replied, “But it is going to be a REAL fire fighter!”  The funniest part of the story is that her dad was the “REAL” fire fighter that came to our school and showed the children his fire fighter gear!  A REAL fire fighter  indeed!


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