The Dress Up Box

I just  love Miss Debbie and Mrs. D’s afternoon PAL’s class!  The dress up box is a big hit there.  This afternoon, a boy with a broken foot who has a boot and cast on came walking out of the bathroom.  “Clomp, click, clomp, click, clomp, click” went his boot on one foot and a high heel from the dress up box on the other foot.  I went into the classroom to do a little investigating.  A boy was sitting at the table, wearing a “Belle” dress, high heels, and painting a pirate.  In the block center, 2 boys with tutus were building an amazing tower with the cardboard bricks.   It’s perfect!  Anyone can be anything in there and it is perfectly okay.  Tomorrow, they will most likely be wearing the superhero capes and painting flowers.  I love it!


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