Fathers of the Caribbean Dad’s Night

April 25th was a much anticipated day here at the EEC. We had a pirate party for Dad’s Night. The school was decorated with the children’s “Jolly Roger” flags and Mrs. D and Miss Debbie’s PALs class made paper plate pirates to hang on the walls. The dads and kids enjoyed a fun night of games. We threw “cannon balls” in a pirate ship, made hook hands and pirate hats at Black Beard’s Hat Shop, dug for buried treasure at the “Captain’s Hook”, made oceans in a bottle and visited the Sea of Ducks at “Davey Jones’ Locker”, and sculpted dough at “Playdough Port.” The children collected gold coins to show Captain Miller so they could choose some treasure from the treasure chest. There were lots of goodies to eat at the Saltwater cafe and photos were taken in the “Treasure Island Photo Shop”.  We didn’t even loose anyone when they “walked the plank”!  Arrrrh, we had loads of fun aboard the H.C. Jolly Minnow!   Our turn out was amazing–89% of our dads and their little mateys joined in the fun.  Thank you to all the dads, grandpas and uncles who showed up to spend some quality time with their little “treasures”!  Check out more photos on holycrossop.shutterfly.com The password is holycrossop.  You can download or order prints from there.

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