Pennies for Patients Project 2013

EECblogI would like to thank all of our wonderful families for helping us out with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s annual “Pennies for Patients Project”. Mrs. Bridges and I made a trip to Hy-Vee at the end of February to donate the coins in the Coinstar machine. This is the part that Mrs. Bridges and I enjoy the most! We put the coins in bags by class and then took turns feeling the weight of the bag and guessing the amount. This year, we were amazed to see that we collected a grand total of $644.11! I figured out the average amount collected per child as a whole school. We collected an average of $6.33 per child.

Class by class averages were:

  • Ms. Debbie—collected $63.21 for an average of $6.33 cents per child.
  • Mrs. Canfield—collected $95.93 for an average of $6.00 per child.
  • Mrs. Zaenger—collected $124.28 for an average of $4.29 per child.
  • Miss Thurman—collected $138.69 for an average of $6.03 per child
  • Mrs. Matt—collected $222.00 for an average of $9.25 per child. WOW!!!

Mrs. Bridges and I get a laugh out of the fun little “extras” we find in the coin jars that we use to collect the coins. Many of the kids empty out their piggy banks and we find some fun items. This year’s “extra” items include 40 Fun Factory tickets, a toothpick, a paper clip, 3 sticker earrings, 2 smashed pennies, 2 guardian angel coins, an army dog tag, 1 vacuum cleaner token, one Broncos token, 3 slot machine coins, 20 cents in Euro coins, a Chucky Cheese token, 27 cents in Canadian coins, 3 coins from India, and 1 rock!

It is amazing to know that our little students were able to collect $644.11 to donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! Our hope is not only to teach the students the importance of helping others, but also to give hope to children in need!


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