I captured the Sun!

I made a fresh batch of yellow play dough for Mrs. Zaenger to use with our early drop off kids on Fridays–“Play dough Friday”.  The dough was bright and sunny and was warm when I put it in a ziplock bag.  As I carried it through the school to put the play dough in the cabinet, the kids all wondered what I had in my hands.  I showed them the bag of playdough and told them that I had “captured the sun” and put it in my bag.  They saw that it was yellow and they all had to feel how warm the freshly cooked playdough felt.  If you have ever been questioned by a bunch of preschool children about what you have or what you are doing, you will agree with me that you just have to tease them a little bit!  I told them that it was the sun because it was round and yellow and warm.  And besides that, the day was really cloudy and you couldn’t find the sun.  “L” looked at my bag of play dough and asked what it was.  I told him it was the sun captured in a bag.  “L” disagreed with me.  “How do you know this is not the sun?” I asked.  “L” said, “Because it doesn’t have those pointy things on it!”  Well, there you go.  I can’t trick “L”!


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