Pennies for Patients Wrap Up


Holy Cross Early Education Center just completed our our “Pennies for Patients” drive.  The total amount collected was $505.33.  This made an average of $5.72 per students.  The green room collected $143.68.  The orange room collected $153.70.  The blue room collected $95.44.  The purple room collected $112.51.

The photo shows the fun little “extras” that showed up in the donation boxes!  Stefanie and I get a big kick out of finding these treasures that won’t go through the Coin Star machine.

Thanks for helping our little ones help others!


Mummy’s Tea Photos

Check out these cuties at the Mummy’s Tea! 

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Mummies Tea

Calling all Mummies and Preschoolers! Tomorrow night is our annual Mummies Tea. The Tea starts at 6:00 and will end at 7:15. It is a “come and go” event but make sure to stop in your child’s classroom at their scheduled time to enjoy a little presentation! Halloween costumes are welcome!

Join us for our Meet ‘N’ Greet!

Be sure and join us on September 24th from 6:00-7:30 for our annual Meet ‘N’ Greet. This is your chance to find out what your preschooler has been talking about, see the classrooms, meet and talk to the teachers and our wonderful families. You can also shop the Scholastic Bookfair and enjoy an ice cream treat! We hope you will join us!

Beginning our New Year

We are beginning a terrific new year at Holy Cross Early Education Center!  It is fun to see some shiny new faces as well as our sweet friends from last year.   Here are a few photos from our new school year.   We can’t wait to watch them grow!2014-09-12 10.41.48 2014-09-10 10.51.00 2014-09-12 11.00.09 2014-09-11 10.54.25

Beginning days, Sept. 2014

Beginning days, Sept. 2014

A Brand New Year!

Welcome to a new school year at Holy Cross Early Education Center!  There is nothing like a fresh new year full of bright shining faces.  We are so excited to get to know some new friends and to see our returning friends from last year.  We are currently enrolled with 101 students for our 2013-2014 school year.  I can’t wait to play!


The Big Finale

Box Tops, Labels & Best Choice UPCsLet’s do something different and BIG for a finale of collecting Box Tops this school year! We’re doing great, and we’ve already surpassed our former collection record. Now, let’s come on strong down the home stretch, and finish out the year with more than $2,500 for Holy Cross. We can do it!!

Here’s what we’re going to do:

  • This final collection period for the 2012-2013 school year will run March 1 – May 3.
  • It will still be class vs. class, including preschool through 8th grade.
  • This time, we’ll count points for Box Tops, Labels for Education AND Best Choice UPCs.  Box Tops count for the number of Box Tops they say on them. Most are 1 Box Top, but there are many Bonus Box Tops available that count for multiple points. Labels for Education come in 1 point, 5 point, 10 point and even 100 point varieties. Best Choice UPCs will count for 1 point each.
  • EVERY class that collects >1,250 points in the contest period wins a cookie party!
  • The top-collecting class scores a pizza party, as well!!
  • Friday, May 3 will be the last day we’ll collect Box Tops, Labels and BC UPCs for this contest. That will give us time to count them and award the winning class(es) before the end of the school year. After May 3, hang on to your Box Tops, Labels and BC UPCs for the summer’s family vs. family contest!

We’ll have a final count on February Box Top collections very soon, and will let you know which class won the cookie contest for their efforts.

Thanks to all of you for clipping for Holy Cross and the Guardian Angel Tuition Assistance Fund!