T-K Student Learns the Power of Written words

The mother of a Transitional Kindergarten student sent a photo of this note to Mrs. Canfield, proudly showing off “N”s first ever sentence written by himself!  Evidently, “N” was mad at his dad and wrote this note.  Mrs. Canfield promised me that she didn’t teach “N” how to write this note.  However, she did admit to providing her students with the skills to begin writing words.  Kudos to “N” for being a great student!



Preschool or Junior High?

Every year at our Meet N Greet, we have a DVD with photos of the children from the first couple weeks in September.  We received the DVD today and put it on the TV in the big room and left it running.  It was showing photos of all the children in the school.  One 5 year old girl was standing in front of the TV watching the slide show on her way back to class after using the rest room.  Another girl came out of her classroom to go to the rest room and came to see what was going one.  The second girl says, ” Why are you watching TV?”  The first girl says, “Because it is about us.”  The second girl says, “Why is it about you?”  The first girl replies, ” I don’t know but IT is FREAKING me out!”

What a Mess!

Coach Bobbi was here for Stretch N Grow.  She spread out some balls and sponges to play a game with the children. One 3 year old girl from Mrs. Zaenger’s class looked at the items Coach Bobbi spread out on the floor and said with a huffy tone, “Do YOU think Mrs. Zaenger would like this mess?”

Use Your Walking Feet!

A 4 year old boy was heading to the bathroom.  Miss Thurman reminded him to walk by saying “Use your walking feet, please!”  The boy stopped, pointed to his new shoes and said, “But I HAVE to run. SEE!  These are RUNNING SHOES!”

Where Can I Find A REALLY GOOD drink?

A 4 year old boy asked Mrs. D if he could use the restroom.  Mrs. D told him yes and said, “When you are out there, be sure and get a REALLY GOOD drink because we will be going to the playground soon and it’s hot outside.”   The boy turned and looked at her with a puzzled look and said, “Where can I find a REALLY GOOD DRINK?”

Clean Up Time

On one of the first days of Mrs. Zaenger’s 3 year old class, the children started “Clean up time” to pick up the toys they were playing with.  They were about 30 seconds into the clean up time when one little girl put her hands on her back.  She looked at Mrs. Zaenger and said, “Cleaning up toys hurts my back!”

Overheard in the Orange Room

Recently heard in the Orange room was this comment from a teacher: “We lick ice cream cones- not your friends!”