Running out of lunch box ideas?

Are you tired of packing lunches yet?  Running out of ideas?  I found a website that sells lunchboxes that had some great photos of lunches.  Maybe the photos on this sight will spark your imagination for lunch packing ideas!  Have fun!    


We’ve got spoons!

I wanted to let everyone who has a child that stays for lunch know that we do have spoons.  You do not need to pack one in your child’s lunch box if you do not want to.  Last year, many of the parents would send in spoons and the children would accidentally throw them in the trash can OR parents would send in spoons  and the children would put them in with our EEC spoons. Then parents would be missing the spoons at home.  You may pack your own spoon if you wish but know they may disappear!   We also supply each child with a paper plate and milk or water.  We always have the children put their leftover food (with the exception of the really messy stuff like yogurt, pudding or fruit cups) back in the lunch box. That way you can see what your child is eating and pack their lunch accordingly.

What can I pack for lunch?

Many parents are looking for ideas on what to pack their child for lunch. How many times can you pack a peanut butter sandwich?  Here are a few different things I saw today:

*Ramen Noodles

*Pita bread cut into triangles with humus to dip it in

*Child-sized chunks of ham

*Fresh vegetables (red pepper, carrots, cucumbers) sliced up and put in a reusable container.  You could even put in a small container of ranch sauce to dip them in.