Fathers Club Moves Mountains

from Holy Cross ‘big school’ dad, Jon Chitwood –

What’s Holy Cross Fathers Club been up to lately?
This Saturday, they:

  • moved 90 cubic yards of mulch onto the playgrounds,
  • removed the dead/dangerous trees on the playground
    and front of the school,
  • painted and fixed the picket fence,
  • cleaned up the brush on the fence line,
  • and a few other projects.

Calling all dads of soon-to-be Holy Cross Kinders:

Fathers Club Cookout is this Thursday

on the school dock starting at 7 p.m.

Join us and get to know the Holy Cross Fathers Club dads!


Praise Parade

As Mrs. Canfield’s T-K class prepared for Easter, they learned about Palm Sunday.  They made their own palms and had a “Praise Parade” through out the school.  They waved their palms and shouted praises as the people did years ago when Jesus entered Jerusalem.  Here are some photos of the “Praise Parade”.

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Fun in the Yellow Room

Miss Maura and her morning PALs class in the Yellow Room have been doing some special activities.  The children celebrated Mardi Gras by making masks and feasting on a King’s Cake.  They also enjoyed celebrating the birthday of Dr. Seuss by reading Dr. Seuss books and making tall Cat in the Hat hats.  Here are some photos of their fun!

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Our first Blue T-shirt day of the year!

Check out these cute kids in their blue t-shirts!  We had almost the entire school in blue on Sept. 22!

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Deanna Rose Farmstead Field Trip

We were blessed with 2 beautiful days at Deanna Rose Farmstead.  The bus ride was an exciting event and everyone enjoyed walking around the farmstead with our great parent chaperons! I would like to give a big thanks to the parents who helped us out on our trip.

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A Great Time at the Family Picnic!

Friday evening was a beautiful day for a picnic!  The staff and families had a wonderful night of fun and food at Holy Cross Early Education Center.  We had a 50% turn out but everyone there had 100% fun!  Mr. Miller kept the hot dogs and hamburgers fresh off the grill and the families provided lots of other food to make our picnic complete.  The children and their siblings had a fantastic time playing on the inflatable castle and train.  Even the teachers got to try it out at the end of the night….including Mrs. Tooley, who climbed the slope in the train and slid down the slide not once, but twice!  Here are some photos of our fun evening.

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Preschool Atrium Open House

Preschool Atrium Open House

Wednesday, April 6  |  5 – 7 p.m.


Come explore the atrium with your child.

Meet the teachers and let your child show you their favorite works.


About CGS:
Holy Cross EEC and Holy Cross Catholic School offer the most comprehensive Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program in the Archdiocese. The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is a unique and exciting religious formation program for children. The curriculum combines the spiritual vision, imagination and creativity of our children with the foundation of Holy Scripture and the liturgy of the Church. The program incorporates the Montessori method, in which children are guided with presentations and provided hands-on materials to work with.

This open house offers you a glimpse of Catechesis and a place to begin in asking how you can support and nourish your child‘s faith.