Worry About Yourself!

Miss Thurman always solves a tattletale problem by asking the kids to worry about themselves. One day in her class, L said, “Miss Thurman, Miss Thurman, J needs to worry about himself.” Miss Thurman went over to investigate the problem and L said, “J needs to worry about himself. He is worrying about me and I WORRY ABOUT ME ENOUGH!”


Overheard in the Orange Room

Recently heard in the Orange room was this comment from a teacher: “We lick ice cream cones- not your friends!”

Pick and Flick

“M” had a bloody nose. “E” was curious what was wrong. Mrs. Bridges told him that “M” had a bloody nose. “E” said “Oh, I get those sometimes when I pick my nose!” Mrs. Bridges said, “It’s not a good idea to pick our noses because that can happen”. “E” said, “Yeah! If you PICK it, then you have to FLICK it!” Mrs. Bridges said, “OH, you mean a PICK AND FLICK?” “E” said “YES! A PICK and FLICK!”

Whoops! I “thunk” it!

A 4 year old boy had an accident in class. Mrs. Miller found him some spare clothes and helped him change. When she went to fill out the “accident form” for his parents, she asked the boy what happened. She said, “Were you just too busy and didn’t get to the bathroom in time?” He replied, “Well, we were having Morning Meeting time and I didn’t want to miss it so I tried not to think about it,  but then I “thunk” it and I peed!

Donald Duck’s Eggs

A 5 year old girl went on a vacation with her family to Disney World. When she got back she told Mrs. Canfield about her trip. She said, “I got to feel Donald Duck’s bottom and it felt like warm eggs!”

Preschooler Gets Carded at Mission Carnival

Today our 4 and 5 year old classes went over to the Mission Carnival at Holy Cross “Big School”. When Miss Debbie came in to work at lunch, the kids were all buzzing with excitement about the event. They were telling Miss Debbie about all the things they did and showing her their face paint. One boy told Miss Debbie what he did at the carnival and then he said, “I tried to get a beer but they wouldn’t let me!” Of course, Miss Debbie asked him what he said again to make sure she heard right and he said again, “I tried to get a beer but they wouldn’t let me!” Miss Debbie did a little further investigating and asked him if he meant ROOT BEER. “Yes!” he answered!