A fun night!

Wow!  Last night, we had over 50 families at our Meet and Greet BBQ!  It was so fun to see the families sitting on picnic blankets filling the field by the preschool.  Parents were talking, kids were playing and the smell of the BBQ filled the air.  Everyone seemed to have a great time inside at the book fair, in the classroom seeing the teachers and outside in the school yard.  We were so happy that so many families could make it.  A big thank you goes to the kindergarten parents who helped us out and provided some sides to our dinner.  Those folks were: Holly and Ben Bailey, Jamie Kraisinger, Donna Rodriguez, Lori Donlan, Janine Obershaw, Flora Sokol, Kyle Boeglin, Nicki Bramble, Gladys Maldonado, and Karla Melgar.   After we set up, we noticed that some other sides appeared on the table. Thanks to who ever provided those goodies! Thanks also goes to my husband, Phillip, who grilled the hot dogs and hamburgers and to Mike Canfield for his assistance!

One picnic blanket got left behind.  If anyone is missing a brown and greet striped picnic blanket that folds and zips up into a handy bag, let us know.  We are saving it for you!